press to exit project space

Pocket Phrase Book, research project by the architect Biljana Stefanovska


The project will be introduced by its initiator Nebojsa Milikic. He will present the discussions realized so far and some of the related project outcomes, after which (according to the standard project’s methodology) a discussion on the project’s mission, problems and impacts will follow with invited guest and the public.

The project activities are documented through the gathering of impressions by participants in discussion. Some of such impressions collected so far you can find at

The projects is organized and realized by Cultural Centre REX through the cooperation of the Modern Gallery (Ljubljana), The New Media Centre (Novi Sad), NGO Urban In (Novi Pazar) and press to exit project space (Skopje).

The project is supported by the European Cultural Foundation and The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia.

Nebojsa Milikic (b. 1964, Belgrade) is an art manager, artist, researcher and activist based in Belgrade, Serbia. Since 1996 - 2008 - organizational, artistic and curatorial practice in visual and relational arts; political and socially engaged artistic projects and actions; research projects and public campaigns targeting problems of social and political communities in transition; critical texts on politically charged cultural and artistic production; workshop moderator and lecturer at home and abroad.

Works in Cultural Center Rex in Belgrade, as the coordinator for programs of democratization and decentralization of culture and the editor of YEAST, the youth web-magazine for culture and politics (www.rex.b92/kvasac).