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A(u)ction – Novi Sad's Log of Spaces Between Personal Interests and Public Needs reveals the current conflictuous reconfiguration of living space and urban culture of Novi Sad. It investigates the field of play that defines some of the most remarkable dynamic, non-regulated and disturbing changes of the city. Who are the players, for whom do they play, can we recognize the strategies on which they base their actions and how do this reflect to the public interest?

A(u)ction – Novi Sad's Log of Spaces Between Personal Interests and Public Needs is a project of New Media ( and STEALTH.unlimited (

This activity is part of the project INtoOUTREACH - Re-enactment of the unknown which aims to establish new forms of collaboration in production and distribution of culture. The basis of the program INtoOUTREACH is the co - production of a series of exhibitions, discussions, lectures and presentations designated to incite the recapitulation, distribution and decentralization of knowledge and experiences FROM a core group of organizations in the field of visual arts, architecture, activism and related cultural production, TO a new audience and establishment of new forms of cooperation with new partner organizations. The restaging of prominent projects and related experiences from the last decade, should enable a sort of a two-way methodological exchange with a vast network of yet unreached local cultural organisations or settings.

Organizations which have initiated the program are: Cultural center REX, Belgrade (, STEALTH.unlimited, Belgrade/Rotterdam (, press to exit project space, Skopje ( and Media, Novi Sad (