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Swedish Institute and The Swedish Embassy in Skopje organized an informal network meeting in connection with their joint program ‘Creative Force Sweden-Western Balkans’ (

In the meeting participated over 30 non-governmental organizations from Macedonia and they were informed about some of their current projects and future perspectives.

‘Creative Force Sweden-Western Balkans’ started in 2009 and is a framework of open calls for project proposals, SI projects, expert visits, network building and seminars. The aim of the program is to strengthen cultural and creative initiatives between Sweden and the Western Balkans, with a focus on openness, pluralism and equality. An important target group for projects within Creative Force as a whole are children and young people. Their co-operational partners are generally NGO’s, cultural organizations and other actors that work with opinion-making, capacity building and developing new methods and ideas through culture and creativity.
This year, they have granted support for 14 projects in the Western Balkan region, and they are involved in some 10 other projects under way.