press to exit project space

Curatorial workshop and exhibition | Yane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska, the team of press to exit project space, participated at the Behaviour workshop for Idiots takes place at the Kunsthalle Luzern (Switzerland) conceptualized by the artistic director, Lillian Fellmann

Flaka Haliti’s Als ich ein Kind war, wollte ich Künstlerin werden speaks openly about the position of the artists in different systems of value. She explores subjects that  challenge the society and the art scene and question the role of the woman artist in a general context where dominate sexist, male structure that have one pre-constructed profile of a woman artist and certain, monotonous rules in creating gender based narratives.

The installation is structured around works: Me, You and Everyone we Know (2010), a reflection on male and female artist’s position in the art history and the institutional power system, Now you are so well (2009), photographs documenting a research through personal experiences conducted during studies at Staedelschule, Frankfurt/Main and My Balls (2008) the documentation of the illegal intervention performed during the opening of the annual exhibition Muslim Mulliqi Award, organized by ‘The Kosova Art Gallery’.

Flaka Haliti (1982) is based in Pristina and Frankfurt am Main. In 2005 she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Pristina University, and is currently continuing her education at Staedelschule, Frankfurt/Main, in the class of Professor Judith Hopf.
Haliti works as conceptual artist using video, sound, installation, photography and performance. In her work she has shown continuous interest and courage in exploring challenging themes present in society and/or the art scene.
Flaka Haliti is the winner of the First Prize ‘Agriculture and Banking’, organized by Staedelschule Frankfurt/Main and Rentenbank, Frankfurt am Main 2009. She is also a recipient of DAAD scholarship 2009-2010.