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This group of artists is using different kind of media and techniques in creating their own visual narrative, such as film, theatre, photography, computer technology and different theoretical and philosophic ideas such as Sophist mystics and mathematics.

There are subject matters that are related to the lack of independent opinion and adherence to the majority’s taste (Azorro Group), one video is presenting the ways in which “the native” has been portrayed in popular cinema (Tracey Moffatt) and there is a project that is using mathematical laws and the mathematical constant pi for constructing a narrative (Meris Angioletti). Some of the videos are dealing with historical events such as the division of the city Nova Gorica after 1945 with a border that became symbol of many things (Anja Medved) or the island Contadora in 1979 as an example of eventualities with realities and the way history is negotiated, constructed, and recounted (Michael Stevenson).

The third chapter of Project 35 includes the following artists and curators: Azorro Group (Oskar Dawicki, Igor Krenz, Wojciech Niedzielko and Lukas Skapski) (Poland) selected by Sergio Edelsztein (Argentina); Yason Banal (Philippines/UK) selected by Joselina Cruz (Philippines); Tracey Moffatt with Gary Hillberg (Australia) selected by Alexie Glass-Kantor (Australia); Meris Angioletti (Italy) selected by Francesco Manacorda (Italy); Michael Stevenson (New Zeland/Germany) selected by Magali Arriola (France/ Mexico); Vyacheslav Akhunov (Kyrgyzstan) selected by Viktor Misiano (Russia/Italy); Beryl Korot (New York) selected by Susan Sollins (New York); Anja Medved (Slovenia) selected by Charles Esche (England) and Tracey Rose (South Afrika/England) selected by Simon Njami (Switzerland/France).

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