press to exit project space

Curatorial workshop and exhibition | Yane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska, the team of press to exit project space, participated at the Behaviour workshop for Idiots takes place at the Kunsthalle Luzern (Switzerland) conceptualized by the artistic director, Lillian Fellmann

The journey begins with videos focusing on wide-ranging, confrontational realities, including the uprising and protest in post-colonial South Africa, the propaganda news broadcasted in China Socialist history, the urban roads of modern-day Ho Chi Minh City, and the crime-filled streets of Bogotá. While similarities can be found in the focus of those works, the methods could not be any more varied. The works selected show how diverse the single-channel video can be, ranging from the u-tube style narrative to documentary, from clay-motion to digital animation, using a variety of approaches, from creating performative installation to reformatting Walt Disney classics.

The first chapter of PROJECT 35 includes the following curators and artists: Guy Ben-Ner (Israel) selected by Mai Abu ElDahab (Egypt/Belgium); Tuan Andrew Nguyen and Phù Nam Thuc Ha (both Vietnam) selected by Zoe Butt (Australia/Vietnam); Zhou Xiaohu (China) selected by Lu Jie (China); Yokihiro Taguchi (Japan) selected by Mami Kataoka (Japan); Kota Ezawa (US/Germany) selected by Constance Lewallen (US); Robert Cauble (US) selected by Raimundas Malasauskas (Lithuania/France); Edwin Sánchez (Colombia) selected by José Roca (Colombia); Wanda Ramundi-Ortiz (US) selected by Franklin Sirmans (US); Dan Halter (Zimbabwe) selected by Kathryn Smith (South Africa).             


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