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Building Lost Highway - Skopje session

17-18 July 2007

Following the last year's Lost Highway Expedition, a mobile platform weaving between nine major cities of Former Yugoslavia and Albania, this year a series of events investigating the locally emerging concepts and speculating their impact on a wider context is taking place.

From 14-16 July six parallel mobile mini conferences will move from a starting point somewhere in the Western Balkans, to arrive to Skopje for a two days summit where their output will be brought together. The 'moving conferences' are formed by teams of artists, architects and theoreticians who will be contributing to the Lexicon for the Future. The teams self-organize their trip and stay during their travel, which means they can decide to spiral around, make a de-tour, or stay in one city to make a dense set of meetings. Each team will, during this travel, assemble minimum 5 entries to the lexicon (each 350 words) - all while on the road. The entries are notions/concepts related to alternative models for the urban territory (city) and urban culture; they derive from the region of the so-called Western Balkans and are to be intriguing, witty and inspiring interpretations of practices on the ground.

The summit in Skopje will be the place where it all comes together during a two days summit (17-18 July). Concepts are presented and the first lexicon draft is created. The list of travelers and writers include Ivan Kucina, Kristian Cebzan, Dushan Grlja, Bojan Djordjev, Vladimir Jeric, Jelena  Vesic, Vahida Ramujkic, Alessandro Floris, Ana Dzokic, Marc Neelen, Piet Vollaard, Peter Lang, Giulia Fiocca, Laia Sole, Alenka Gregoric, Amy Fanek, Yane Calovski, Hristina Ivanoska, Filip Jovanovski, Aleksandra Petrusevska, Velimir Zernovski, Kasper Akhoj, Igor Isakovski, Oliver Musovik, and others.

Building Lost Highway – Skopje session
is co-organised by the Centrala Foundation for Future Cities, School of Missing Studies and press to exit project space in Skopje.

Building Lost Highway has been supported by the European Cultural Foundation.

Day one – TUESDAY, 17 July, 2007

11:00 Welcome and introduction of the agenda (Yane, Ana, Marc)
Location: Kursumli An (the Lead Caravanserai) - Contemporary Arts Centre
Address: Curciska b.b. (besides the complex of Museums of Macedonia), enter the courtyard

Teams, their lexicon contributions and journey findings.
Each team has about 45 min to present their five (or more) lexicon entries (350 words). Teams can introduce their previous work or short information about each member to get to know more about each other. The presentations will be followed with short Q&A's that do not have to be elaborate. A more elaborate discussion/reflection will take place on the second day, after all the presentations have taken place.

Yane Caloski, Hristina Ivanoska, Filip Jovanovski, Kasper Aksoj, Alenka Gregoric, Aleksandra Petrushevska, Velimir Zernovski.

Ivan Kucina, Kristian Cebzan, Giulia Fiocca, Laia Sole

13.00 LUNCH and mental break

Jelena Vesic, Dusan Grlja, Vladimir Jeric, Bojan Djordjev, Vesna Madzoski

15.00 Local presenters: Igor Isakovski and Oliver Musovik


16.15 Q&A's, remarks etc.

Day two – WENDSDAY, 18 July, 2007

11:00 Start of session 2
Location: Kursumli An (the Lead Caravanserai) - Contemporary Arts Centre
Address: Curciska b.b. (besides the complex of Museums of Macedonia), enter the courtyard

Ana Dzokic, Marc Neelen, Piet Vollaard, Dubravka Sekulic

Vahida Ramujkic, Alessandro Floris, Claudia Fraone, Andrea Sarti

13.00 LUNCH and mental break

14.00 Q&A's, remarks etc. reflection/discussion (moderated by Peter Lang)


16.00 Web based contributions to the lexicon and looking towards format for the next session in Novi Sad in Autumn 2007

17.00 closing

Departure day – Thursday, 19 July, 2007

For those interested, on the 19 July, we will have a discussion on other Lost Highway Expedition topics including the upcoming Photo Book, the Lost Highway Exhibition in SKUC in Ljubljana, etc.