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LPE: June 11 – 15, 2007

Exhibition by the students from the department of Industrial Design at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

There is constant need for new products. The pace of modern-day activities, the struggle for prestige and the need for new ways of experiencing reality result in a need for re-shaping the products man is in touch with daily, making his life more comfortable and human.

The human dimension of living has long ago ceased to be the privilege of the home as a place where man relaxes at the end of a hard day, and has increasingly been permeating the workplace, the recreational facilities and everything significant for the modern-day man. Designer products, apart from the traditional fields of fashion such as cosmetics, jewellery and cars, could more and more be found in offices, petrol stations, hospitals and gyms.

Design has long ago been classified as a product-quality component. The appealing wrapping, ergonomic shape, style, comfort, pleasant scent and tactile experience are powerful elements of the likeability and magnetic appeal of new products.
The Industrial Design students at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Skopje, through exhibiting their works, would like to present you with their own views on current and future industrial products. Creating new forms, ergonomic interaction, multufunctionality, economicality and environmental awareness are the primary concerns of these young authors. The skill in using different means of expression such as drawings, physical models, computer drawings, three-dimensional computer models and animations has enabled the authors to successfully express their views on the whole product as well as the necessary details, thus attmpting to get their imagination closer to the potential user and the industrial production.

This is the first exhibition of the Industrial Design students and aims to present the results of the first two years of study. The exhibition is particularly important for the young authors, since their ability to enter the streams of modern industry could be noted and this profile, new for our country, could be promoted.
The exhibition was conceived by professors Tatjana Kandikjan and Sofija Sidorenko,