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LPE:: INQUIRY INTO REALITY: Disappearance of Public Space

LPE: April, 23 – 28, 2007

Exhibition INQUIRY INTO REALITY: Disappearance of Public Space curated by Goran Petrovic in partnership with OMEN Theatre

Participating artists

Mirna Arsovska (MK), Manon de Boer (NL/BE), Yane Calovski (MK), Iskra Dimitrova (MK), Hristina Ivanoska (MK), Sinisa Ilic (RS), Dejan Kaludjerovic (RS/AT), Tanja Ostojic (RS/DE) and David Rych (AT), Katarina Popovic (RS), Khaled Ramadan (DK), URTICA: Violeta Vojvodic, Eduard Balaz and Daniel Stevanovic (RS)

Starting from the idea that public sphere covers every representative form of interaction and communication, and that the elements of media culture can form its significant part, artists gathered around the project Inquiry into Reality: The Disappearance of Public Space directly intervene within different channels of communication: printed, electronic and digital media and urban public space. Generally speaking, the intention of the project is to provoke the production of hybrids that integrate artistic praxis and media, such as books, newspapers, radio, TV and Internet, and to offer various audiences the possibility to experience modern art as a critical praxis. Therefore, the art works have been produced for the project in the form of a newspaper addition, sketch, book, TV series, advertising campaign, TV film, music video clip, on-line Internet game and film.
Most of the art works within the project have been produced for this occasion and are closely related to the social, cultural and political situation in the Balkans. They are dealing with the following topics: media as a public service, spreading cultural patterns, social role of art, identity, position of immigrants, women and marginalized groups of citizens, rules of market politics of the EU etc.

Goran Petrovic

Goran Petrovic (1977, Serbia) studies art history in Belgrade. Since 2000, he’s been working as a freelance curator and theatre project manager. Mostly, he is interested in research of public sphere by direct experiments throughout its different forms. He lives and works in Belgrade (RS) and Brussels (BE). Goran Petrovic was invited curator in the VCI (Visiting Curatorial Initiative) programme of press to exit project space in 2005.

Donors: ECF - European Cultural Foundation; Swiss Cultural Programme for South East Europe and Ukraine; The Fund for an Open Society; City of Belgrade – financial department; Flemish Ministry for Culture and Media, Belgium; Serbian Ministry for Culture; Austrian Cultural Forum, Belgrade.  

Sponsors: LOM; Plato; Almaquattro; Graffix; Caligraph; Shrooms, Metamorphosis – foundation for sustainable ICT solutions.