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Presentation │ Daily Newspaper „THE WEST BALKAN”│ by Tihomir Topuzovski

LPE: October 18, 2007

“Daily newspaper” is a publication project that includes a series of handwritten texts by the author on the assumptions projected on the region of the “Western Balkans” – a syntagmatic terms coined by the European Union in 1998.  Through photographs and texts that are freed from previous references to the subject, the author examines the various pejorative representations projected on the Balkan region, exactly on the West Balkan region which forward this representation. Ultimately, the project tries to answer: How this region looks like through the prevalent set of representations?

Tihomir Topuzovski was born in 1978 in Skopje. He studied fine art at the Faculty of Fine Arts where we received his BA (2003) and MA (2005). Parallel to his fine arts studies, he completed his BA at the Faculty of Philosophy (2005). His work functions in both, the visual and theoretical contexts and is formulated with a conceptual art practice. He his presented and exhibited his works in both solo and group exhibitions in the region, as well as published his texts in journals such as Forum Analitika (Skopje), Political thought(Skopje), Gerusija (Novi Sad, Serbia), and Iluzija (Ljubljana, Slovenia). He has also participated in a number of symposiums and conferences, both in Macedonia and abroad.