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International Network | Yane Calovski, the artistic director of press to exit project space participating in Face-to-FaceInternational Network | Yane Calovski, the artistic director of press to exit project space participating in Face-to-Face

Yane Calovski, the artistic director of press to exit project space participating in Face-to-Face, an initial meeting for the I AM HERE, THE TIME IS NOW - an arts festival of performance and visual culture which will complement the present work of European Cultural Foundation (ECF). I AM HERE, THE TIME IS NOW it is an event which is organised by ECF with Ong Keng Seng, theatre director and cultural producer from Singapore. The festival is envisioned for 2009 as a production influenced directly by, rather than through, its grantees. Its strategies are specifically through energising and harnessing art practices from Europe and around Europe. The meetings present a start of an enhanced process of connecting cultural advocacy and art production which can then lead to an ecosystem of arts and society interconnected with other ecologies.

List of participants: Claudia Zanfi (aMAZElab), Ruthe Zuntz (Walkscreen), Martin Brincelj (Codeep), Frederikke Hansen (Kuratorisk Aktion / NIFCA), Sanna Miericke (New York Rio Tokyo e.V. / Reloading Images), Edi Muka (TICA – Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art), Albert Heta (Stacion CCA), Yane Calovski (press to exit project space), Janez Jana (Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art), Lilia Dragneva (Centre for Contemporary Art KSA:K), Marek Adamov (Stanica), Cosmin Manolescu (Project DCM Foundation), Petko Dourmana (InterSpace), Mia Habib (Norvegian choreographer), Bettina Knaup (independent curator).

Artistic Director of TheatreWorks in Singapore, Ong Keng Sen is an active contributor to the evolution of an Asian identity and aesthetic for contemporary performance in the 21st century. Keng Sen studied intercultural performance with the Performance Studies Department at Tisch Schools of the Arts, New York University, and holds a law degree. Since 2000, Keng Sen has worked hard to enhance the understanding of contemporary Asia in Europe and the shared histories of those two countries. His belief in the juxtaposition of different art forms and cultural styles has helped him create his own epic performance style of directing. In 1994, Keng Sen conceptualized his most important work, The Flaying Circus Project, a laboratory projects that brings together traditional and contemporary Asian artists from the fields of theatre, music, dance, video, visual arts, documentary film and ritual. From this experience, Keng Sen has been invited to make many laboratories all over Europe and US. Ken Sen was instrumental in starting the theatre studies course in the National University of Singapure. He has taught all over the world in places such as the New York University Asian Pacific and American Studies Programme/Institute and Desarts in Amsterdam.