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»action nr.8« by son: DA (SLO)

Line up:
son:DA (video and sound)
Samo Pečar (bass)
djSplinter (turntables and computer)
Marko Kocjan (vocal)

»action nr.8« concept:

»son:DA belongs to that area of art characterised by the linking of various technologies and media, as well as a new approach to a group work. son:DA creates art with partners who change according to the needs of the project. son:DA is replacing traditional authorship with various forms of participation.«

Zdenka Badovinec, 2006
»action nr.8« belongs to the series of audio-video constellations (instruments) that son:DA has created and used with guests in the last four years.
»action nr.8« is a performative tour with 12 performances at the different locations around the region. Basis for »action nr.8« is a simple audio-video interface and an instrument built and placed in a new space, at the new time and in a new context. Video signal becomes audio signal and audio signal becomes video signal. Public rehearsal as a performative moment, tour as a making and building up a structure of audio-video composition.

If you are not able to follow the performance in Skopje, the tour continues on some other locations:

»action nr.8« tour dates

27-9 Bucharest; 28-9 Sf-Gheorghe; 30-9 Sofia; 1-10 Plovdiv; 3-10 Skopje; 4-10 Beograd; 6-10 Mostar; 7-10 Dubrovnik; 10-10 Labin; 11-10 Zagreb; 13-10 Rijeka; 14-10 Maribor.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Jane Calovski (071 59 43 43) and Hristina Ivanoska (070 74 96 81)