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Lecture by Marjectica Potrc and Kyong Park

Marjetica Potrc's work focuses on various small-scale and individual initiatives that have been developed in cities globally in order to improve basic living conditions. Her interests are in the potential of self-sustainable, innovative design and infrastructure solutions, mixing low- and high-tech approaches, to foster individual empowerment and self-reliance. Her presentation will be focused on the Caracas Case Project, Urgent Architecture (Hybrid House), Balcony with Wind Turbine project commisioned for the '3rd Liverpool Biennial' in Liverpool (England), and the Rooftop Room a site-specific project realized for the 8th Istanbul Biennial.

Kyong Park founded the International Center for Urban Ecology in Detroit in 1998 as a nomadic laboratory for future cities. Since 1960, Detroit has lost half of its population [one million inhabitants] and demolished over 200,000 housing units. The ICUE was set up as an interdisciplinary experimental forum that would generate different projects on contemporary urban crises and their possible futures. Working from the near eastside of Detroit, ICUE have produced number of works that critique, illuminate and proposition designs and theories, and have involved the participation of artists, architects, students and the local community. These projects have included the demolishing and recycling of derelict houses into new constructions that are sold or rented at affordable prices, and urban design for the regeneration of land and self-sufficiency of inhabitants through the remedial process of urban agriculture.

Marjetica Potrc is an artist and architect based in Ljubljana. Her work has been exhibited throughout Europe and the United States at Guggenheim Museum, New York (2001); Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (2001); Max Protetch Gallery, NewYork (2002); Generali Foundation, Vienna (2002); and Venice Biennale (2003). Potrc was part of CARACAS-CASE and the culture of the informal city, a project by the Federal Cultural Foundation of Germany and the Caracas Think Tank.

Kyong Park founded Storefront for Art & Architecture in New York in 1982, and has been based in Detroit since 1998. His project 24620: The Fugitive House (2001-), is an empty house from Detroit that has been reconstructed in seven European cities. Park participated as an artist and curator of Shrinking Cities, organised by the Federal Cultural Foundation, Berlin.