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October 10 – 31, 2005

Exhibition by one of the most important photographer working today a Gernam artist in London – Wolfganga Tillmans, winner of the prestigues Turner Prize in 2000. The exhibition and the visit of the artist were organized in partnership with MASSO Macesonian Association for Free Sexsual Orientation within the “Love Is Love” festival. This was a first solo show of the artist in the Balkans.  

Tillmans, as both an artist and individual, has been instrumental in addressing the inseparable elements of youth, beauty, sexuality, political and social activism to create images of authenticity and fiction. He never leaves the viewer indifferent to his unfolding scenarios. With incredible awareness to subjectivity and timing, which are always evident in his photographs regardless of their content and intention, he establishes an expirience that plays masterfully with the idea of truth.

In Skopje Tillmans was presented with an installation of approxsimately twenty photographs. This and the other installations of his photographs, which he curates and mounts himself, define the supernatural wonder in everything he comes in contact with, everything that is alive, moving, and inspiring. In this context it is important to be mentioned his retrospective exhibition at the Tate Britain in 2003, titled “If One Thing Matters, Everything Matters”, that beautifully portrayed his interest in sublect matters as varied as nature, portrets of friends and lovers, still lifes and studies of draperies.       

press to exit project space would like to compliment the brave team at MASSO for their idea to invite Wolfgang Tillmans to Skopje as part of “Love Is Love”. We would also like to recognize the support of Galerie Daniel Buchholz in Köln and the generous efforts of Marte Ekiens from Wolfgang Tillmans' Studio in London for her assistance in the organizing the exhibition. Finally, we are grateful to Wolfgang Tillmans for his inspiring work and for his ongoing research into the beautiful and the truthful.

excerpts from the text by Yane Calovski