press to exit project space


January 17 – February 20, 2005

Transformation of press to exit project space into VIZAN Lounge Café
OPA&HA in collaboration with Dejan Spasovic

The first project in the New Project Production program was collaboration between the invited artists and the gallery. By combining two different and unrelated ideas, Professional Site Specific Installers of OPA&HA and the idea for public cafeteria by Dejan Spasovic, the gallery produced the project VIZAN Lounge Café. Focusing on the idea of transformation (OPA&HA) and function (Spasovic), press to exit saw this as an opportunity redesign its space and reintroduce the discussion on the formal use and function of the contemporary art institution.

OPA&HA (Slobodanka Stevceska, Denis Saraginovski and Sasho Talevski) proposed to transformed the space and signed a contract with press to exit project space (Hristina Ivanoska, Yane Calovski and Biljana Tanurovska) as investors, solicitors and mediators, and Dejan Spasovic as the costumer of the installation. The creative as well as the technical work of the installation was made in accordance with the costumer’s requirements, staring on January 17 and being completed on February 13, 2005. Their part of the project would be treated as “installation in process” and will be titled Transformation of press to exit project space into VIZAN Lounge Café. The second part of the project belonged to Dejan Spasovic, the costumer. As the writer and curator Suzana Milevska, in one of her recent texts, describes Spasovic ideas as “small offerings to the public”, VIZAN Lounge Café become an alternative model for the function and performance of the artist and the social space, involving a large number of artists and friends to perform, cook, eat, show, read, watch, play, sing, dance, relax…

OPA&HA Professional Site-Specific Installers offer highly aesthetic design and professionally mounted art pieces, and installations, adapted to your needs and to the specificity of the site you select. Clients may choose from a virility of product, selected the material, the location, and the specific conditions. The piece may be intended for a gallery or a museum, as an independent project or as part of a group show, or it may be designed for a home or a private art collection.

Dejan Spasovic is an artist who often uses performance to communicate ideas of social actions and exchange. His work include Would you Pass me the Towel (1999) a public project in Skopje when he took a public shower; After Before (2003) in which he gives audience in Marseille a free haircut, and his last Hugging (2005) where he hugs randomly people present at the gallery opening.