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Visiting Curatorial Initiative (VCI) aims to stimulate and support the research and implementation of new curatorial projects by emerging and established international and local curators. 
Curators invited in 2005 and 2006 include Sebastian Cichocki (Poland), Goran Petrovic (Serbia), Basak Senova (Turkey), and Agnieszka Kurant (Poland/France).
During the working residency, the curator is engaged in developing a project that could be realized in Skopje as well as abroad. To stimulate the research, press to exit assists the curator by facilitating meetings with artists, curators, museums, and other art institutions in Skopje, as well as with other institutions and individuals from the region that could be of interest. The curator is expected to make a presentation or a workshop that will focus on their curatorial research and process.

New Project Productions (NPP) is an exhibition program that engages Macedonian artists in production of new works. The artists invited in 2005 and 2006 include OPA&HA in collaboration with Dejan Sapsovic, Liljana Guzelova, and Aleksandar Stankoski, representing four distinct creative voices currently active in the Macedonian art scene. Their projects are inaugurated at press to exit in a form of an exhibition, installation, performance, lecture, etc.
In the frame of this program the exhibitions Citism and OFF were developed as part of the curatorial workshop conducted by the guest curator based in Istanbul, Basak Senova.
In 2005 press to exit project space collaborated with NIFCA – Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art - by becoming one of its partners in the West Balkan Air 2005 residency program. In September of this year we hosted artist Alison Gerber (USA/ SWE) that resided in Skopje for the period of one month. 

Lectures, Presentations and Exhibitions (LPE) is an ongoing and dynamic program that welcomes individuals, groups, organizations, and institutions, to present recent research, projects, publications, productions in the gallery. By welcoming international and also local and regional guests we are able to continually challenge the notion of the space being a multifaceted and multi-purposeful environment for a critical dialogue. Guest in the LPE program include (to name just few): one of the most relevant photographers working today Wolfgang Tillmans who had his first solo show anywhere in the Balkans with our space; internationally established artists Marjetica Potrc and Kyong Park who were doing research travel in Skopje for their upcoming project the Lost Highway Expedition as well as the lecture of Laura Mansfield and Amy Freneck about the art space in Bristol, Spike Island.
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