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May 22 – 31, 2005

Goran Petrovic (Serbia) was the second resident curator invited in the Visiting Curatorial Initiative program with the exhibition project “20/21” which focused on the importance of the mass media culture in the work of artists from the youngest emerging generation of contemporary Serbian artists including Dejan Kaludjerovic, Sinisa Ilic, Vladimir Radisic, Nikola Pesic, and Ivan Grubanov. During his residency he complimented the exhibition with the works by Macedonian artists dealing with similar isses including: Slavica Janeslieva, Mirna Arsovska and Igor Tosevski.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005, 20:00 h.

The newest project by Goran Petrovic “20/21”, curated this year, features the works of five Serbian artists:
Dejan Kaludjerovic (1972, lives and works in Belgrade and Vienna), “Do not be afraid of the little creatures I”, from the serious “The Future Belongs to Us III” (2004), video installation;
Sinisa Ilic (1977, lives and works in Belgrade), “Psychoses and Death of the Author: Algorithm yu-03/04.13” (2004), digital theater;
Vladimir Radisevic (1976, lives and works in Novi Sad), “Intermedial Flash” (1999), private magazine for contemporary art, single copy;
Nikola Pesic (1973, lives and works in Belgrade), “Sofort Waschen” (2003), three photographs printed on PVC, 150 x 210 cm;
Ivan Grubanov (1976, lives and works in Belgrade and London), “Have you ever seen your best friend bleed?”, billboard, 250 x 500 cm.   

In his curatorial concept Goran Petrovic is focused on those generation of artists that is working in the transitional period from the 20 to the 21 century and research the influence of the social and political circumstances on the development of the science and technology – the global networking, medias, advertising and design through the language of the art.

Recycling the already existing image of this reality, the art is dealing with the mass communication media and the propaganda through its own messages, contravening the consequences of the image – illusion of reality.

During his one-week residency in Skopje, Goran Petrovic, has an opportunity to meet Macedonian artists and curators as well as representatives of organizations and institutions form the field of art and culture. As a second phase of the project the curator included works by Macedonian artists dealing with similar issues: Mirna Arsovska with her interactive installation “How are you?”, Igor Tosevski with his work “Dossier ‘96” and Slavica Janeslieva with “Story about the Coffer”. The second opening of the exhibition titled “20/21+” took place on May 26, 2005 and it lasted for a week.
Goran Petrovic (1977) is an art historian who lives and works in Belgrade and Brussels. Since 2000, he’s been working as a freelance curator and theater project manager and organizer. Petrovic is currently realizing a large scale exhibition project titles “Disappearance of Public Space” with a number of Belgrade-based and international artists and organization reflection on the ever-evolving discurs of public space and media.