Mission, vision and strategy

The main mission of press to exit project space is to unify and develop the creative potential of young artists and citizens in order to create conditions for development of new models of creative thinking, just as models for participation in civil society, research and criticism.
Its vision is to strength its capacities as organization that will contribute to the inclusiveness of contemporary art and curatorial practice as an important segment with its great importance for the development of the contemporary and democratic Macedonian society.
In this context, the strategic development of the association is focused toward development of an alternative models of education, exhibitions and production, that will lead to further the engagement of cultural workers and the general public, as well as strengthening its / their capacities in specific social concept in order to continue the critical dialogue and cultural exchange of knowledge.

Final financial reports

Final Financial Report for 2013

Final Financial Report for 2014

Final Finacial Report for 2015

You made me so sad. Now, that doesn’t have anything to do with you.

Надворешни активности | куратор Ивана Васева, уметници Христина Иваноска, Јане Чаловски| You made me so sad. Now, that doesn’t have anything to do with you. , изложба | Мобилна/монтажна галерија на ЦАЦ, Скопје | 5 – 13 јуни, 2014
You made me so sad. Now, that doesn’t have anything to do with you. е групна изложба, курирана од Ивана Васева, која изложува поединечни интими односно претставува мини-инсталации кои се однесуваат на контексти, ситуации, случајности и афективни рекации кои оставиле специфичен психолошко-емотивен впечаток на учесниците. Изложувањето на овие интими т.е. нивното јавно претставување содржи потенцијалност за рефлектирање и преиспитување на состојбата и ставовите на другите нудејќи му можност на посетителот „да се изложи самиот на себе“.